The Label

Greystone is only for BTB customers within the fashion industry – we do not sell directly to end consumers.

Dear Customer,

Welcome to the webpage of GREYSTONE where you will find commercial fashion trends which are casual and easy to wear for women and men in their 20s and 30s. GREYSTONE offers very end consumer friendly retail prices and attractive mark-ups for the retailers.

GREYSTONE is part of BRANDBASE 86 FASHION GMBH but stays as an independant low cost business unit within the group in order to benefit from the synergies of this strong company group:

Sourcing and quality control offices around the world, logistics, it, finance etc.

BRANDBASE 86 has made a voluntarily commitment by developing an own „CODE OF CONDUCT“ with international certification organisations. All producers and subcontractors must sign the BRANDBASE86 - code of counduct and must permit regular checks by BRANDBASE 86 as well from externally authorised control organisations.

GREYSTONE has it’s own and independent unique small creative team within the company of:

Fashion Designers, Graphic Designers, Technical team and Sales team.

GREYSTONE`S philosophy is:

For more detailed information regarding styles your are welcome to contact us or you are welcome to visit our B2B-store where you will find the whole GREYSTONE collections and prices.